Weekly Presentations

Part of our weekly meeting schedule, presentations form an essential part of the continuing development and education of our members. This season sees a uniform approach being adopted with the same presentations being delivered across the Province on the same night.

Please note that all presentations are password protected. Members will be issued password by email from M.A.R. Honorary Secretary.

This is to be kept secure and not to be circulated to anyone outside of the Association.

M.A.R. Annual Coaching Course 2019

M.A.R. Touch Judging & Positioning 2019

M.A.R. Foul Play & Control 2019

M.A.R. Age Grade 2019

M.A.R. Advantage 2019

M.A.R. Maul 2019

M.A.R. Breakdown 2019

M.A.R. Coaching 2019

M.A.R. Assessors 2019

M.A.R. Match Preparation 2019